Best designs are build upon hidden structure of friendly interactions and well-thought-out information architecture. We will design a lucid frame for your projects and delightful experiences for your clients. This is our craft and our art.

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What we do

UX StrategyWe guide you on how to improve your clients’ experience by implementing UX good practices.

UX DesignWe create mock ups and functional interface prototypes - precise and ready to implement.

UX AuditsWe scrutinise existing interfaces and applications for experience flaws and suggest tangible solutions.

User TestingOnline or face2face tests with your application or website to gather thoughts and feedback from your users.

Our values

FrugalityWe believe in time and resource efficiency, so won’t waste your and our time with unnecessary documentation and design hopscotch. We belive in quick iterative turn around to arrive at the bespoke solution to meet your clients’ needs.

AdequacyWe believe in solutions tailored to real needs. With that in mind - we seek to avoid trendy, one-stop design, but base our recommendations on user and client feedback and solid academic research.

Structural thinkingWe believe all beautiful structures have a solid skeleton. We build your interface on well-thought-out interaction structures and stable content architecture. We look underneath the surface to uncover hidden threats and opportunities. We believe in strong foudation before we build the final product.

Team workWe believe the best things are built in dialogue. We work hand in hand as a design collective and with our clients. We continuously learn from each other and our clients to arrive at the solutions we and our partners buy into.

Marcin Sieńko
UX strategist. Researcher, information architect, designer. University lecturer.
Anna Mazurek
E-commerce specialist. Empirical research passionate. UX & CX consultant.
Emil Rzepiel
UX, UI and interactions designer. Also a minimalist.
Magdalena Białaczewska
Strategist and UX Designer. Connects business goals and users' needs.
Agata Kutowska
Financial and business risk analyst. Consultant and UX researcher.

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